About the blog

Why did you name your blog jeanniejeannie?
This is a blog based on my personal aesthetic, so it’s Jeannie’s blog about things that Jeannie likes. I try to make a conscious effort to write and edit original commentary here, even if it means simply explaining why I like something.

Why don’t update your blog more often?
I try my best to only post things that truly interest me– I find that many design blogs already exist to keep up with “the latest design news,” so there are plenty of places where you can find frequent, timely updates on current galleries, artists, and openings, etc. For myself, however, I’d like this blog to be a carefully tended place of design inspiration, if you will– one where I can look back on every post with a renewed and continued interest in the subject. The things I post here should ideally be inspirational today, tomorrow, and even five or ten years from now.

About me

Where do you find inspiration?
I’m a avid reader, I love learning, and I am constantly surrounded by creative people in my life. The combination of these three things leads to fairly consistent sources of inspiration. I’m blessed to have so many creative minds near me– everyone I know is always pursuing their dreams and goals in some way, and its inspiring to be near that.

Do you accept freelance jobs for design?
Yes, I do– I’m part of a small design collective, where we design everything from print to web to weddings to apps. Email me for new work inquiries, or to see my portfolio and resume.

Where are you from? Where are you now?
I was born and bred in a small town in New Jersey, but I’m living in New York City now, which is where I study and work. My parents are from Taiwan.

Have more questions?

Ask away, in the comment section below. I’ll try my best to respond here.