The hiatus has gone on for too long– back to the blogging grind, now with some fresh new GIFs from the motion graphics duo at Motion Addicts. Their vivid, energetic GIFs are lovely to look at, especially due to the precise timing on each image: there small, subtle pauses and rushes in the animation that really pulls the motion together. From the Motion Addict’s FAQ:

Motion Addicts is made up of 2 motion designers who work together. All the work is created by us, but our individual gifs will stay anonymous for the moment. (it’s like a box of chocolates)

All gifs have been created using After Effects, including the logo. Some use plugins for AE like: Plexus, Trapcode Particular, and VC’s Element 3D.

So, so slick– the GIFs are incredibly nuanced and fun to watch. [Via Inspiration Grid.]

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