I know, I know– the internet already adores RRRRRRRRoll, but I still feel that this fun single-serving Tumblr deserves its own post here. RRRRRRRRoll is run anonymously, and it features only one type of movement in its clever & playful animated GIFs. Something or someone (well, its always the same solemn Japanese girl in every GIF) is rolling (rotating) silently forever in the photos in an entirely whimsical fashion: objects spin suspended in odd places, or the stone-faced girl rotates in desolated, very ordinary Japanese landscapes.

It’s the precision to these GIFs that make it so visually fascinating– there’s only a subtle jitter or a misplaced shadow in them, if there are any mistakes at all, contrary to the typical visual hubbub of the average GIF online. Mesmerizing.

The Tumblr is updated roughly once a week– its clean and simple and good for some wide-eyed wonder. [Via Yatzer.]

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