I’m really pleased to finally announce this on the blog– if you haven’t noticed, I’ve recently started running ads! I’ve had a fantastic time partnering with Nectar Ads, who have been providing beautifully designed and design-related ads on the right sidebar. Paid advertising is one more step towards bringing better and better content to you (paying for all those coffees I’ve been consuming for the wifi in cafes, I suppose) and I’m excited to continue delivering design interestingness to you all.

It’s important to me that I’m running ads that are relevant to reader’s interests (I’m assuming you may have interest in art and design, right?), and so I’m running a short 2-minute reader survey with Nectar Ads to better understand the blog audience. As they explain it:

This information will help us understand the types of people visiting the site, leading to better, more useful advertising that will continue to help fund this site and other great art sites. The survey is anonymous and we will not be collecting or sharing any personal information about individuals.

Click Here to Start the Survey

I’d really appreciate it if you could please take a moment now to fill out the reader survey. Thanks!

(…and if you or anyone you know may be interested in advertising on the Nectar Ads Art Network, please get in touch with them!)

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