I haven’t written about packaging in a long time, as it can easily get lost in the massiveness of art galleries and openings and installations. This packaging of Onuma Honey by¬†Akaoni Design kept drawing me in, and I have to admit its a huge breath of fresh air from the overly slick packaging I’m used to in our commercials and store shelves. Base in Yamagata, Japan, the Akaoni design team is incredibly versatile, but they have perfected the clean, minimalist look particularly in their packaging design.

Onuma honey comes in 8 flavors (Rapeseed, Cherry, Apple, Blueberry, Watermelon, Chestnut, Sunflower, and Buckwheat) and each stamped package embodies the flavor along with the name of the ingredients in its mix of simple imagery and typography. Everything about this presentation, from the stamped lid to the fine kraft paper and the finishing strip of tape is as pure as the honey it’s meant to contain.

It’s so unfussy. I’d love to taste the honey, but I’m not sure be able to break open the packaging! [Via The Dieline.]

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