This installation is pretty old in interweb years– Stefan Sagmeister and his team completed it in 2008– but it still deserves a revisit for the lovely presentation of a statement that many a designer can resound with. On September 13, 2008, Sagmeister and his team began laying out 250,000 Eurocents on Waagdragerhof Square in Amsterdam into this intricate, shimmering line of text that reads, “Obsessions make my life worse but my work better.” The subtle 3D effect of the text was achieved by carefully sorting out the Eurocents into 4 shades, which were then carefully placed into the flowery design.

The display was meant to be interacted in any way by the general public, and it drew some unexpected reactions from the surrounding population. From Sagmeister’s website:

After completion the coins were left free and unguarded for the public to interact with. Less than 20 hours after the grand opening, a local resident noticed a person bagging the coins and taking them away. Protective of the design piece they had watched being created, they called the police. After stopping the ‘criminal’ the police–in an effort to ‘preserve the artwork’–swept up every remaining cent and carted them away.

It’s an absolutely bizarre ending that would be unbelievable if it wasn’t true, making the piece a perfect juxtaposition between art, obsessions, life, and politics. [Via Junk Culture.]

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