Peruvian artist Cecilia Paredes has been cleverly camouflaging herself into modern backdrops since 2007– her ornate body painting techniques perfectly mimic the elaborate, flowery wallpaper backdrops behind her body, leaving behind subtle traces of her human form. An unblinking eye or the dark swath of her hair are the first indicators of where she’s positioned in each photo, and then you can start to see the shadows lining her body’s shape.

The rich, super-saturated florals of the wallpaper are familiar until you realize they have taken on a new form by taking over the artists body, consuming her completely. From Paredes’ website:

Cecilia builds objects mainly using discarded natural elements and with her work, re creates another language. She also does performances using make up, body painting or any other resource to create her anthropomorphic images, transforming herself into animals, plants or landscapes. These acts are registered on photography, creating her photoperformances.

The photos remind me of fancy hotels, where carefully constructed illusions of grandeur can guarantee total anonymity and mystery; plus this is exactly the type of wallpaper you’d expect to see in an old hotel room. [Via Cosas Cool.]

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