I wish these beauties could be shipped overseas. These wooden LEGOs by Japanese design studio Mokurukku are a wonderful alternative to the normal bright plastic pieces– there’s something really textural and tactile about wood that can’t be achieved with the shine of plastic manufacturing. They appear to be compatible with standard LEGO pieces, and I would want to see sets of mixed plastic/wood for a fun play on textures and colors.

There are obvious reasons why normal LEGOs wouldn’t be made out of wood– the Mokurukku set has a disclaimer that the pieces can warp or fit together imprecisely due to the nature of the material in different temperatures and humidities. You can buy the set at roughly $32 USD for 50 pieces, which is a pretty fantastic deal.

I’m dying to get my hands on one of these but it looks like international shipping is going to cost me quite a bit. Still worth it, I say– better get these fast before LEGO cracks down on patents. [Via Jay Mug.]

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