Here’s a new way to reinvent old landmarks– a fresh coat of latex paint transformed this historic Church in Ward 6 of Washington DC into an explosively colorful mural. Atlanta-based graffiti artist Hense painted this mural/installation as part of the neighborhood’s movement towards art and design: the up and coming area is located directly across the street from a planned 20,000 square foot museum.

The installation is bursting with juicy, colorful details, alternating between bright splashes of paint and abstract scribbles and shapes. It’s unhesitatingly cheery, and I love the look of covering an entire building in paint, rather than limiting the mural to a single wall. From Hense’s website:

I generally work on things in a very instinctive way. I paint, spray or draw shapes and marks, then decide on what stays and what goes. I try to never be afraid to paint over something or make changes, allowing breakthroughs to the other side. Sometimes the part you hate the most about a painting becomes the most layered and interesting area once you’ve destroyed it.

The contrast between the brightly coated sides and the aging shingled roof is fantastic– there’s a sense of shiny, lively newness being topped off by a touch of decay and history. [Via Junk Culture.]

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