Pennsylvanian husband and wife team Paul Roden and Valerie Lueth are the master craftsmen behind Tugboat Printshop, which produces consistently gorgeous, richly detailed original woodblock prints. Each print is lavishly elaborate, with intricate shapes that add fantastic visual texture to the flat, illustrative medium– my eyes just jump from detail from detail with all the visual delight.

Its worth noting that all of this is original artwork, so there’s not just a deep investment in producing the physical piece but also in creatively exploring how to push the boundaries of traditional woodcut prints.

Tugboat Printshop’s most recent piece is a great example of the care that goes into this kind of printmaking and craftsmanship– they haven’t actually started printing it yet, but the process photos of the carving are remarkable:

“THE MOON” woodcut print is currently in production at Tugboat Printshop. This is the largest print we have made together EVER! The image will print bleed off the edge of an approx. 36″ x 32″ sheet of white paper. A subtle greyscale background of stars will frame the radiant moon. Image above is the drawing of just the moon on the key wood block.

When we finish penning in the background, the image will be hand-carved in relief for printing (see images below!). We are thinking “THE MOON” will be a 2 tone print in greyscale (probably). We are unable to show any proofs of the print until the block has been carved. Excited!

Some other pieces that they’ve produced are below:

This is precisely the kind of print I’d love to have in my own apartment– each print seems incredibly soulful, with so much more personality than the average “artsy” centerpiece. [Via Doobybrain.]

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