This ingenious bacon scarf by Swiss artist & designer Natalie Luder has sparked an overwhelming wave of interest in America (surprise!), when a blog post by the famed Tina Roth Eisenberg (aka swissmiss) started its viral spread. The digitally printed silk scarf features a photorealistic image of bacon with a delicious level of detail, which extends to the blackened crispy rolled edges.

Even the name of the scarf is a lighthearted play on words: titled Fou Lard, it evokes the fancy French scarf with a heavier reminder of the fatty joy of bacon. From Luder’s website:

My work is often inspired by topics of the realm of food culture. The comparison of appearance and reality, nature and culture, as well as the discussion about good and bad taste are fascinating aspects to me. Such categories can be applied to both food and ornament.

The spirit of sugar and ornament are quite similar, one pleases the eye whereas the other is a delight for the taste-buds. The large quantity of recipes available to us, tell about our highly developed and specialised sense of taste.

Silky deliciousness draping delicately across my neck sounds like my cup of tea– or should I say, my strip of bacon? [Via swissmiss, images thanks to Natalie Luder.]

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