Jiyuseki is a Japanese artist with a soft spot for an incredibly hard material– with his handmade craftsmanship, he creates the illusion that stones are actually soft, malleable objects, similar to fabric or foodstuff. The rocks ripple, melt, and unzip to reveal their unexpected new qualities, and the illusion is completed with some sparing use of props.

Its interesting to note the places where the texture and pattern of the stone is highlighted in the sculptures– instead of smoothing away the rough surface (which is what you typically see on marble sculptures and the like), the artist manipulates the rock’s natural appearance to retain the illusory effects.

Part of the magic in seeing these sculptures is a partial suspense of disbelief– you can absolutely believe that the object before you is a rock, rather than merely a coin purse or a melting popsicle, but the properties of the stone are shifting before your eyes, and the sculpture has to reconcile the two notions in your brain. [Via DeviantArt.]

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