This striking bench is the first sign of welcome that people receive when they arrive at the railway station to the beautiful Frankston Foreshore Beach in Australia. Designed by Stephen Banham of Letterbox, the enormous, bright red type stands at 1.2 meters and weighs in at 2.4 tons and is made from 10 layers of powder-coated galvanized steel.

This is especially great as a public art piece, since its spacious enough to comfortably seat quite a few people, but I would love to see this installed on a smaller scale in a house. From Letterbox:

Although only recently installed, it already cuts a striking presence in the Frankston streetscape – as it should, weighing in at 2.4 tonne and standing some 1.2 metres high (designed to also serve as public seating). The structure is composed of ten undulating layers of letterforms. It is part of a more extensive set of works we have called the ‘polite signage’ program.

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