I am not typically drawn to large-scale installations, but this RockGiant sculpture by French artist Arik Levy is really great– it’s an enormous piece of mirror-polished stainless steel, faceted to look like a giant rock. From some angles, it blends into the landscape seamless as it reflects its surroundings; from other angles, it boldly stands out with its obviously manmade origins.

Levy actually has an entire series of these sculptures in his portfolio, with names such as RockGrowth and Rock Fusion Giant— I’ve included several of the photos from the different installations below:

I particularly like that last photo of the RockGiant standing in snow– something about the crystalline shape of the sculpture works beautifully in the pristine landscape of ice and snow. It almost looks like a forgotten piece of alien relic, awaiting to be discovered by a hapless human. [Via The Fox Is Black.]

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