I’m smitten with these handmade glass terrariums by Matthew Cleland of Score+Solder— according to Old Faithful Shop, which is where I first saw these beauties, Cleland is a traveling gypsy who hand-solders these lovely geometric pieces that look like miniature greenhouses. Some of the terrariums appear as tipped prisms, off-balance quartz forms, or hanging geometric spheres; all of them display the plants inside beautifully by literally adding new facets and angles for you to gaze into.

These are wonderful as stand-alone pieces, but I ‘d also love to see a wall of these hanging at different lengths, or a set of the terrariums congregating together as a table centerpiece. From the Old Faithful Shop’s description of Cleland’s work:

A traveling gypsy, Matthew Cleland of Score + Solder, crafts each beautiful handmade glass and lead free soldered terrarium by hand. Skilled by the knowledge of generations before him and armed with a flask in one hand and a soldering iron in the other, he brings you these one of a kind pieces of art.

Apparently you can’t leave these babies in direct sunlight, since its greenhouse tendencies will make the interior of the terrarium hot enough to kill your plants. I think this is a perfect way to display succulents and cacti, which can and should be admired from all angles. [Via Old Faithful Shop.]

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