This made me smile today: Simon Laliberté, a student at UQAM, designed this clever and quirky paintbrush packaging for a fictive company called Poilus that uses the two brushes for humorous effect in the package design. Hand-drawn faces on the packaging look back at you bemusedly, and the bigger paintbrush acts as an enormous moustache, while the smaller paintbrush peeks out below lips as a soul patch.

A quick Google search made the company name even funnier: apparently “poilu” is a warmly informal term for a French World War I infantryman, meaning, literally, hairy one. The faces strike a great balance between being bizarre and silly, yet not TOO frightening. I would want to keep the paintbrush in its packaging though, rather than taking it out to use it. From Laliberté’s Behance page:

This humoristic packaging offers the function of assembling two products (two paintbrushes) together with only one cardboard printed on both sides. One paintbrush is a big one and the other is a small one for finishing touches. Once it’s folded, the package has two possibilities: 1. Protecting paintbrushes while you carry them on. 2. Support paintbrushes when it’s filled with paint. Each paintbrush has been named and linked to a size number to identify them. The natural hairs of some paintbrush have been dyed. A paintbrush wall support is offered after you bought the product in order to keep you workspace clean and organized.

I wish this was something you could actually see on shelves in America– unfortunately, I think the Walmarts and Targets of our fine nation don’t particularly enjoy things like a slightly grotesque design or hairy packaging. [Via Designer Daily.]

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