This post needs no fancy title– “Awesome Inflatable Meat Balloons” seems to explain everything perfectly. The Chicago-based Object Design League (ODL) handpainted these fantastic meat balloons by hand for specialty butcher shop Japan Premium Beef, for this year’s NoHo Design District during New York Design Week.

Its amazing how the baggy balloon latex/rubber perfectly mimics the texture and consistency of meat, cured or otherwise; the meticulously painted balloons are interesting objects to see whether blown up or limply lying in their trays. ODL explains their process:

We made sausages and four cuts of steak: porterhouse, flank, T-bone, and filet mignon.

Each balloon takes about three hours to go through the assembly line. First a hand-sculpted balloon former is dipped in a soapy substance to prime it before it’s dipped in a latex vat. A thin coat of rubber adheres to the surface—this is the actual balloon, which holds the shape of the former.

At this step in the process, latex colors can be mixed or the balloon can be hand-painted. Once dry, the rubber is leached and vulcanized (or rinsed and heated), which strengthens it for inflating. Finally, the balloon is stripped and inflated. The whole process is precisely timed to get the maximum output of balloons per day.

I wonder if anyone could convince them to fill these babies with helium: a floating steak, anyone? Also, I’ve been wanting to go to Japan Premium Beef for a while– their washu beef is supposed to be heavenly. [Via Collabcubed.]

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