I can’t believe I haven’t posted Gabriel Dawe‘s work on here before: his large-scale installations made of thread are bursting with color that fades in and out of different opacities and hues. This ethereal effect is created using sets of string that can measure up to 50 miles long in total, and the carefully placed threads are delicate yet dense in their combined form.

Each installation is a marvelous exploration of color, space, and even shapes– from different angles, the threads take on different forms and tones as they overlap one another visually, and the pieces fill the installation space with color and lightness and depth.

Dawe’s creative inspiration for these pieces is also interesting, as he was inspired to really challenge culturally-embedded gender norms:

Gabriel Dawe was born in Mexico City where he grew up surrounded by the intensity and color of Mexican culture. In search for creative freedom he started experimenting and creating artwork, which eventually led him to explore textiles and embroidery—activities traditionally associated with women and which were forbidden for a boy growing up in Mexico.

Because of this, his work is subversive of notions of masculinity and machismo that are so ingrained in his culture.

I want to walk through these installations, or better yet, see them outdoors so that sunlight could shoot through the thin threads of color. There’s something lovely about seeing colors in such abstraction, and there’s also something quite satisfying about the neat rows of thread lining up so perfectly. [Via Booooooom.]

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