22 year old Barcelona-based street artist Aryz does beautiful illustrations both on canvas and on walls– his outdoor work, however, is notably stunning due to its richly layered hues and enormous size. Sometimes spanning multiple walls, his pieces are lightly outlined with black for a painterly look, and then filled with a host of complementary hues which are a testament to his keen eye for colors.

His subject matter varies from the macabre to fantastical to even a sensitive portrait of a love letter, but his distinctive illustrative style is consistently there.

Below is a video from one of his gallery viewings in La Pizzeria de Montana, where he covered all the walls with ornate, sepia-toned patterns and figures before mounting canvas painted pieces on those walls.

I love how he meticulously uses paintbrushes to create fine, hand-drawn lines over the spray-painted areas– also note the surprisingly limited number of hues he allows himself to use. There’s such a tremendous amount of detail invested on this small wall that even though the video is sped up, it still takes him a long time to build up each layer carefully.

ARYZ from Hans Hansen on Vimeo.

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