I’m in shock seeing the airy, spacious photos of this East Village studio— when I lived in an East Village studio back in college, it was so cramped that we could reach out and span the width of the apartment with just one person’s arms. This beautiful studio designed by Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture makes efficient use of every inch of space in the apartment, creating the illusion of even more space.

The natural wood coloring combined with the clean white walls really opens up the room, and its unbelievable that you can fit a full kitchen, a sofa, and a workspace in there, along with the bed loftspace. From JPDA’s description on their site:

Economy, functionality and privacy were the primary drivers in the design of this sixth floor home office studio.

Meticulously detailed millwork provides ample storage, making this small-footprint apartment extremely efficient.

A bedroom loft creates space for a roomy walk-in closet below, while stair risers conceal a series of built-in drawers. Every inch of the space has been effectively exploited.

JPDA worked closely with the client and a demanding co-op board through every stage of the design process. The result is modern, clean, and concise, providing both the warmth of a home and all the functional requirements of an office.

You see that last schematic design rendering with all the red boxes? It indicates all the integrated storage that has been inconspicuously tucked into the apartment. Insane.

JPDA is also responsible for one of my favorite small shops in the Lower East Side, Dedegumo, where they make custom Japanese watches right before your eyes (my dear friend Connie was actually a watchmaker there, and I highly recommend their goods!). Clearly, efficient but sleek design is at the core of what JPDA does– what beautiful spaces. [Via Shoebox Dwelling.]

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