Wine bottles are rarely repurposed creatively: at best, I see them being used as tall candleholders or flower vases, but Pure-Bottle solves the problem by recycling the bottles in a beautiful, truly useful way. Designed by Barcelona-based studio Lucirmás, each Pure-Bottle is precisely cut at two points to create a glass, a spoon, and a lantern.

Each object retains a facet of the original wine bottle’s characteristics, yet also embodies a new, minimalistic form to go with its new function. Best of all, all three easily reconstitute the bottle’s elegant shape when stacked upon one another. From the Lucirmás website:

The lanterns provide wind protection for candles while creating a warm ambience perfect for restaurants, cafes or home settings. The glasses are simple yet durable, while making a strong ecological statement. The spoons are functional and versatile; perfect for presenting food in a restaurant, serving a salad or eating your breakfast cereal.

Together, Pure-Bottle proves that recycled products can be simple, functional and stylish. Pure-Bottle are sustainable glass products which tell a story.

Each object can be bought individually, but the Pure-Bottle set is a beautiful alternative to storing and displaying these types of objects. The Lucirmás studio also produces other things from recycled wine glasses that are worth taking a look (I’m also fond of the carafes and the toothpick holders!) [Via Designboom.]

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