I’m astonished by the life-like markings on these adorable fabric birds: each of these petite creatures is hand made by Abigail Brown, a textile artist and illustrator who currently works in London. Using a variety of new and used fabrics, she recreates the natural markings of each animal, and the unexpected texture of textiles brings a soft, fraying, whimsical touch to cardinals, flamingoes, and partridges alike.

Her birds have a curiously lifelike quality to them, despite the obvious fabric material– the way they’re cocking their heads quizzically is so familiar, and they look as if they are about to perch on your arm. There’s something quite intimate about each of the birds, knowing that they’re made with love and care and fabrics that have their own stories and lifetimes. From her website:

Abigail is a continuous collector of fabrics, either bought new or used items she gathers to give new life to. Her pieces might be formed from her old pyjamas, someone’s curtains from the 1970’s or her friend’s old skirt. She loves the colour and vibrancy of the new fabrics but the life that still lives on in an old garment or piece of cloth, and enjoys the process of turning it into something new. Her work centres around animals because they fascinate and inspire her.

Her work is all hand made; hand sewn by Abigail herself in her studio. Each piece is exquisitely crafted with great love and attention to detail. Whilst pieces are often replicated, no two will ever be the same and that is what makes each one such a treasure.

She has an enormous gallery of birds on her website, but a select few are still for sale on her Etsy page. I would like a small flock of woodland fowl for my room, please. [Via Oh Joy.]

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