Clump-o-Lump is more than just an adorably silly name– this set of cuddly stuffed toys is cleverly designed with two zippers around their torsos, so that you can mix and match the head, torso, and rump of any Clump-o-Lump creature. There are 6 Clump-o-Lumps available, all with names like Shark-o the Shark and Tig-o the Tiger, and when you separate their bodies you can actually see a central “spine” and red fabric representing flesh, as if you had really cut them apart (a little bit of realism never hurts a kid, right?)

The creation of Clump-o-Lumps is actually quite an inspiring story: when the head of Knock Knock (Jen Bilik) was guest-lecturing at Pasadena’s famed Art Center College of Design, industrial design student Max Knecht came up to her with the first Clump-o-Lump prototype, and she was so smitten by the fun design that Knock Knock acquired the entire line. From the Clump-o-Lump description:

We are Clump-o-Lumps, super-snuggable creatures with the superpower of being super-swappable! Just zip-and-match us to make us tall or make us small or make us anything at all.

There’s something adorable about the odd little Clump-o-Lumps– the wide-set eyes and goofy faces are a perfect combination with the elongated bodies of each animal, like a 3D caricature of your childhood imaginary animals. Its also really great that you can connect all the Clump-o-Lump torsos together for a really, really long and crazy-looking stuffed animals. I want this for myself! [Via Cool Hunting.]

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