New York-based artist Eric Cahan waits for the perfect moments to capture these serene shots: his series of photos, titled “Sky Series,” are flawless studies of light and color in the sunrise and sunset hours. Every photo appears as a simple gradient of colors, but the more you stare into the sky, the more you can perceive the minute variations of depth and color in each shot.

I’m in awe at how perfectly he has captured that wavering light that appears in the minutes between day and night– I personally think dawn and dusk are very magical moments. I’ve only posted his vertical shots, to give you a small and continuous sample of his work, but he also does beautiful horizontal pieces, along with compelling diptych and triptych combinations. From his website:

When asked how much post-production goes into creating the final piece, Cahan laments, “A lot of people ask me if this is all done in Photoshop. In fact, very little Photoshop is used. I will only tone photos to match the paper type and, in some cases, add a bit of color curves. The actual process is done with colored resin filters I make myself and hold in front of the lens before I shoot a picture. When a color filter is used against a blue sky, it always alters the color of the sky. I know the colors I am trying to conjure and choose the filter accordingly.”

Many factors affect the capturing and manipulating of light and shadow, which is why Cahan works at sunrise and sunset and also, invariably, at the water’s edge: “My mission is to capture light. Light is the true subject of this series: its constant mystery, the way it shifts and colors everything around it in nature.”

Scrolling through the photos gave me a tremendous sense of peace and beauty that I rarely experience with photography– I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did.

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