I’ve posted some work from Torafu Architects before, but their new series of Air Vases is fascinating– by slicing up printed circles in precise lines, they’ve created paper-thin vases that can be folded flat. The vases are purely decorative, obviously, but its interesting to note that they can be molded to form different shapes and curves, due to the pliable paper medium.

The best part is the variety of patterns they have developed for the Air Vase– they have bright neons and rich hues, metallic foils and geometric patterns. Different colors/patterns are printed on opposite sides of the flattened Air Vase paper, so that if you invert the vase, it changes colors entirely.

My favorite is definitely the subtle gradient of colors over the repeating cubes pattern. This is a project that doesn’t give a whit about practicality– and while I frequently go on about form and function being meshed together, I still have to admit that there is a great appeal to impermanent art, like these delicate paper works. A novelty, but a lovely one. [Via Designboom.]

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