Japanese artist Yukio Nishimura creates all of these sculptural pieces with a single sheet of creamy white paper– the mind bending origami is comprised of thousands of folds that make beautiful patterns of light and shadow. The medium could not be any simpler, but he has imagined incredible variations for each pattern.

There’s something so mesmerizing about each piece, especially the ones the undulate and curve. Folding pristine curves into paper must take incredible patience. From Nishimura’s site:

Only by folding one piece of paper an expressive masterpiece can be created. This is the Japanese way of folding.In order to link the past with future generations regarding the form of folding, I do not limit myself to the category of origami but consider the pursuit of any possibility of folding paper.

To express the Japanese soul through form will continue to be passed down from generation to generation as a tangency between culture and art.

Even the creamy quality of the paper is marvelous– each piece is something that can be stared into for hours. [Via Strictly Paper.]

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