If you haven’t come across Gemma Correll’s illustrations and doodles before, you’re missing out on a charming slice of the internet: the UK-based illustrator and graphic designer posts witty doodles that often play on puns of the English language. Her signature style is unmistakably playful, with a simple black and red palette.

I’ve sourced some of my favorite doodles from Gemma’s portfolio and blog below, but there are so many great ones throughout her website that one post can’t do them justice. (As a wonderful side note, she has two pugs named Bella and Mr. Norman Pickles. They have their own blog here too!) From Gemma’s website:

Hello, I’m Gemma.
I’m a freelance Illustrator and comic-making person.
I currently live in Norwich, UK with my trusty sidekick-Pugs , Mr Norman Pickles and Bella.

I use PITT artist pens, Uniball Eye and UniPin fineliners, as well and Kuretake ZIG Art & graphics Twin. For colouring, I use Letraset markers, PITT brush pens, Kuretake brush markers and Kuretake Clean Colour brush pens. For murals, I like Posca paint pens, or Kuretake “Paintys”

What other people are saying about my work …
“wtf. worst cartoons ever!” – Luc Hook Walker of Australia
“ugly, pig-faced drawings” – Angry Canadian lady
“so, do you draw anything other than cats?” – various people

Its so unexpectedly quirky and charming– every time I read a new comic from her, I’m always surprised and delighted to see the witty and almost sardonic humor in each illustration. [Via Sam, my seal of approval and roommate.]

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