Danish furniture design company HAY named their new rug set “Pinocchio” after a common candy in Denmark– the rug is made of colorful felted balls that mimic the round shape of the sugar-coated licorice sweet. The tactile surface of the rug combined with the bright colors make it an ideal mat for any playroom, although I think this would also be a great floor rug under a work desk (especially if you work barefoot at home!)

The rug comes in a variety of color sets, but I think the multi-color rug is my favorite– the colors are incredibly rich on the pure new wool material. From the HAY website:

Named after a Danish candy – colourful, sugarcoated licorice balls – Pinocchio is a carpet that makes you smile. Pinocchio is handmade in Nepal where every single ball is felted by hand and afterwards put on a string like pearls.

HAY has traveled the world to present a unique collection of rugs. The HAY RUG COLLECTION is made in Nepal and India, and to promote sustainability and empowerment in the countries of origin, we concentrate on using small local businesses as well as local weaving techniques and production methods.

It just makes me want to run my hand over all the bumps– also, it contrasts beautifully when styled against cold hard concrete. That last shot of the playroom is a great look at keeping kid’s spaces modern and fresh– much winter sunshine! [Via Stilsucht.]

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