Kate MccGuire sculpts with feathers– her structures have a sinewy, sensual look due to the hundreds and thousands of feathers she uses, made to writhe along walls and pour out of floor spouts. Many of these pieces almost embody life in their twists and turns, giving the sensation that something unearthly is coming out of your kitchen walls.

I like that her work catches me somewhere in between chills and curiosity when I see it– I am almost unsure whether I want to keep looking closely at the feather structures because they’re so unnerving, but part of me wants to see more and more of the fascinating work, each of which is an unique take on the same medium.

From MccGuire’s website:

Kate MccGwire’s practice probes the beauty inherent in duality, exploring the play of opposites – at an aesthetic, intellectual and visceral level – that characterizes the way we conceive the world.

The finished work has a consistent ‘otherness’ to it that places it beyond our experience of the world, poised on a threshold between the parameters that define everyday reality.

EDIT: I just noticed on Design Boom a fresh set of photos (all in high-res, yes!) of Kate McGuire’s new work– beautiful shots of the details below!

The natural gradients in each feather really adds to the organic nature of the sculptures– they seem to be static and moving at the same time, due to the shapes and colors that each individual feather adds to the mass as a whole. I’d love to see this work in person, especially the pieces that take over the rooms. [Via Trendland and Design Boom.]

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