Artist Ron van der Ende is a sculptor based in the Netherlands who uses found wood to create these enormous, wall-mounted pieces of art, all of which are constructed in bas-relief. Each work is further enhanced by his signature incorporation of perspective– there is a distinct illusion that the artwork is not, in fact, lying flat, but rather protruding out towards the user.

Some of my favorite pieces here also give the illusion of inward depth: the diamonds, for example, seem to reflect light from inward facets. Creating this kind of illusion from wood indicates an incredibly detailed understanding of light and shadow. From Ron van der Ende’s website:

The original color and texture of the wood is utilized to form a gripping and realistic mosaic. The realism is further enhanced by the perspective built into the relief. Van der Ende uses his method to conjure up dark industrial and space age imagery.

I’d love those enormous diamonds on my wall– better than a real diamond, and definitely more eco-friendly. (That huge piece of steak doesn’t look too bad either.) These are astounding pieces that need to be seen in person to do them justice, I’m sure. [Via Design Milk.]

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