Yulia Brodskaya has been wowing the internet with her stunning papercraft for a while now, but her most recent art pieces bring her medium of choice (quilling) to a new level of craftsmanship. Quilling is an art formed by long strips of paper that have been rolled and shaped to create images from the edges of the paper strips, and Yulia’s attention to detail in these two pieces uses ornate and intricate quilling to achieve different effects.

The first piece is titled Babushka; the second, Loves Doves. The age of her subjects is magnified and embraced by the lines of color, and the 3D effect of quilling causes the lights and shadows to shift under different light sources. From Yulia Brodskaya’s website:

I believe that one of the main reasons I enjoy the paper craft, is due to my love of the material: paper. Although I’ve always had a special fascination for paper, it has taken me a while to find my own way of working with it; and then it took a little longer to find out that the technique I have been using so intensively is called quilling – it involves the use of strips of paper that can be rolled, shaped, and glued to the background.

Initially, I was concerned about the limitations of the quilling technique and the material from which the work is constructed – paper & card – as it very much dictates what can and cannot be said within the boundaries of the chosen medium. However, this material limitation turned out to be a strength for me: there is the potential to contain thoughts and ideas in unique ways so that the medium can become a significant part of the message.

I’m in awe at the last piece, Loves Doves– the way the colors of the pigeons blends into the man’s hair, clothes, and face is both abstract and realistic. It really looks like a flurry of doves is rising up from the paper, even though your eyes register the sharp lines of color. [Via Strictly Paper.]

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