It’s surprising to me that has only been alive for a little under a year– it’s been a source of great joy see the blog transform from its humble beginnings. None of this could have happened without your support, so thank you, thank you, thank you for every time you’ve visited or shared with someone about this website.

If you read often, you’ll know that this is an unusual post for me, but I’d like to ask for a huge favor: the 2012 Bloggies (aka that classic weblog award you may have seen around the internet) are here, and nomination are open from now until January 15th!

If you could nominate me for the Best New Weblog and Best-Kept Secret Weblog categories, I would be super, super grateful– just make sure to fill out the form at the BOTTOM of the nomination list with your email after you fill out the ballot!

As a humongous “thank you” to all of my readers (and to continue the free calendar tradition I started last year), I’d like to present to you a brand new, free, downloadable 2012 calendar that you can print for your home or office. It’s just a simple layout of wildflowers (some real, some imaginary, some botanically incorrect) which I’ll make into a larger size later this month. For now, enjoy the free download!

Click HERE for the free 2012 calendar!

A preview of the files:

Is the watercolor a little too crazy for you? If you want something even simpler, here’s the “clean” version of the calendar, with no watercolor backgrounds for a simple, minimalist look:

Click HERE for the free 2012 calendar, without the watercolors!

If you like these, do feel free to share them– and if you have any suggestions on a different themed calendar, leave a comment, as I do want to release a larger set sometime in January, and I’m open to changing the style! Thank you again for all your continued support!


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