Farah Tamachi’s senior thesis is a six-foot-tall wall installation filled with rich flourishes and generously luscious type– all crafted in the humble medium of corrugated cardboard. The 3D type protrudes crisply from the wall, bearing the words, “Discovery ignites the passion to create.”

This elegant execution of 3D type in script is what sets it apart from the everyday, blocky, sans-serif paper type that we see quite often. The edges and textures of each letter almost invite you to touch them, with the combination of sharp edges and rounded curves. From Farah Tamachi’s website:

This project aims to question the death of analog design, when humans have the inherent need to be tactile and explore things in a multiple-sensory rich manner. This 6-foot-tall typographic installation explores type design, 3D design and installation design as a tactile experience.

Also, I have to comment on the amazing documentation of this piece— she has shots of her work from conception to completion at almost every angle, and it really adds something to her piece, knowing the time and effort she put into the work. I can’t tell you how many times I want to post an artist/designer’s amazing work, but I can’t because they only have 2 or 3 low-res photos in their portfolio. Take more pictures so that the world can see your talent! [Via My Modern Met.]

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