The sheer cost of fabricating these animals must be enormous– UK artist Billie Achilleos created a series of animals for renowned fashion house Louis Vuitton, and every animal is an amalgamation of chopped up LV leather goods. The collection was made to celebrate Louis Vuitton’s 100th year of making small leather goods, and the entire set of 20 animals (titled Maroquinaris Zoologicae) has been exhibited around the world in various LV stores.

The store display that houses these animals are also phenomenal– the individual creatures look like they are preserved in a pristine, taxidermy-like fashion. From Billie Achilleos’ website:

Earlier this year I was approached by Chameleon Visual to produce some very unique creatures. I was commissioned to make 20 animals, presented in dome jars for the debut windows of Louis Vuitton’s New Bond Street Maison.

Each bespoke animal was carefully constructed out of genuine Louis Vuitton bags, purses and accessories.

The way animal haunches and feathers and crests have been imagined through these purse parts is fascinating– there’s something so life-like in these obviously man-made objects. [Via Trendland.]

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