I think I’ve found the ideal children’s toy: no more fancy plastic parts to chew on, no more finicky pieces that will break in 2 months, no more “brain-stimulus” style instructions meant to make your kids into baby Einsteins. This simple set of wooden pebbles is designed by Taku Satoh, and their sleek, organic design is modeled after river rocks that have been worn down to their natural rounded curves. Titled Kinoishi (which literally means “wooden rocks”), the tactile, unassuming toy looks like a dream to hold and touch.

The surface of these sanded wooden rocks looks almost soft to the touch, and I love that sometimes, with toys like these, all that you’d want to do is to hold them in your hands.

This is exactly the sort of thing I would have loved as a child, because simple playthings are in such scarcity nowadays. I’m not a fan of complicated mechanical objects that can talk or react to sound– after all, most people spend their entire adult lives playing with phones and computers anyways. While kids are still kids, I think its best to keep things simple and uncomplicated, with river rocks. [Via Spoon & Tamago.]

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