Here’s something light-hearted to ease us back into the work week after the holidays: Japanese design studio Microworks combined two familiar shapes into one wearable object in the Farfelle Bowtie. Made from bright acrylic, the clip-on tie is an imitation of the pasta shape, for an amusing twist on men’s party attire.

I love the unexpectedly glossy surface of the acrylic material– not something we see often in our uncooked farfalle pasta. From Microworks:

This is a butterfly tie shaped like a shrunk acrylic plate. This shape is well known by everyone because it looks like the pasta called Farfalle. Farfalle means butterfly in Italian. The name and shape explains itself. Wear it out or decorate with it.

Whenever I see things like this, I always want to applaud and say, “Yes, make more whimsical objects! MORE MORE MORE!” Buy it from the online store Mass Item here. [Via Mass Item.]

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