This astonishingly light-weight cube is a fully flyable kite named “Little Shining Man,” which is completely hand assembled with over 23,000 individual pieces. Conceived by Heather & Ivan Morison, designed by Sash Reading, and engineered by Queen & Crawford, the Little Shining Man is a geometric wonder to behold– from far away, the cube and its dramatic flowing rectangular tail are gauzy and translucent, with wavering edges, but a close up reveals the sturdy frame of thousands of little triangles stoutly holding the structure together.

The initial flight of Little Shining Man was over a beach, and the resulting photos are dreamy and filled with crisp morning light. Better yet, Queen & Crawford also have included a beautiful video of that first flight, which I’ve included below:

Three Cubes Colliding from Jimandtonic on Vimeo.


There’s a wavering pause in the video where you’re not sure if the kite will really fly after all– that was a beautiful moment. I love how the sculpture needs to be in motion for us to fully grasp its full glory; its a lovely piece that makes me want to fly it myself. [Via Today and Tomorrow.]

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