Before you dismiss these decaying Victorian houses, take a closer look: artist Mike Doyle has constructed these completely out of nothing but LEGOs, and yes, that includes everything from the branches to the broken shingles to the snow covering the debris. He has created three different LEGO structures so far, each of them featuring a different dilapidated Victorian house– I’ve only posted the finished work here, but there are in-process photos on his website that are worth taking a look, if you want to know how he made each house.

Also, note that all of these are constructed in black and white only– another visual feat, considering how he could have easily sourced color LEGOs for quicker results. Apparently his last and most grandiose house (last photo) titled “Victorian on Mud Heap” used over 130,000 pieces and took about 600 hours to complete. From his description of the first house he created:

To my eyes, patterns of decay find a more pleasing path than an untouched object. A roof collapsed by the weight of snow, side shingles ripped by the force of winds, substructures rotting, insects and weather gnawing the exposed surfaces. I can picture those windy days where a shingle flies off. Or the sudden creaking, cracking and burst of tinder giving way under snow’s heavy hand.

At once I see what was, as a complete home, and what lies before me now.

This object has two stories. What was and what it is becoming. Nature repossessing. No one point in time, good or bad, right or wrong. Just an interesting series of transient patterns.

The icicles on that first house was the first place where I realized that everything– literally, everything– on these houses were made out of LEGOs. This is the type of LEGO creation that really takes a toy to the level of artistry. Every inch of this house is incredibly thought out, and I’m also particularly fond of those old-fashioned lace curtains he has hanging in the windows. Incredible work. [Via The Fox is Black.]

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