Theresa Himmer is a Czech artist who set up these dazzling pieces of street art in Iceland– using oversized sparkles, she creates nature-specific themes (such as mountains and waterfalls) with obviously manmade materials that can react to the wind and weather. The result is a complete transformation of how we see urban life: part fantastical, part tongue-in-cheek, and part crazy sparkles, her works are almost aggressively beautiful to the eye.

The three works I’ve posted here are her interpretations of a glacier, mountains, and volcanos, and I wish I could see all of these in person. Via her interview with Yatzer:

The Sequin system is a hyper commercial product that comes from the world of advertising and display. Within this context, the sequin’s constant movement and flickering is desirable as a means of catching the consumer’s eye.

As they scintillate like water, ice or lava, they have an immediate visual and formal quality, which, in this framework, addresses the relationship between the natural and the artificial.”

I’d love to see how the piece degrades or integrates with other street art over time– how does it look after a snowstorm, or at night? So curious, and I really wish there were more photos of the pieces! [Via Yatzer.]

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