Shay Aaron is a miniaturist from Israel who can hold entire banquets on his thumb– using polymer clay and an astounding attention to detail and craftsmanship, he recreates different food objects on a 1:12 scale. Sushi rolls become smaller than the head of a pushpin, gingerbread houses can be balanced on one finger, and shish kebab skewers are comparable to matches.

Many of his photos have dishes that stand alone in all their tiny pristine glory, but I think his best work comes with the little tableaus that he sets up. I’ve picked some of my favorites to feature in this post, but there are hundreds of great photos on his Flickr page, some of which he sells in his Etsy shop as jewelry. Take a look below:

Even just the process shots of how he creates things like tomatoes and strawberries really gives you a perspective on how much detail goes into a single slice in these mini masterpieces:

I’m sure there are many great miniaturists out there, but Shay Aaron’s work really brings it to a whole new level of detail and perfectionism. The bread textures in particular are awe-inspiring– how does he use something so dense like clay to make such a light and fluffy texture?!

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