Singaporean design studio Hans Tan takes porcelain pieces that have traditional patterns on them, and transforms them by sandblasting dots out of the glaze. Titled “Spotted Nyonya”, it’s named after the original Nyonya ceramic pieces that they start with, which are native to Chinese-Peranakans in South Asia– the flowery, pastel patterns glazed onto the surface of each object is re-imagined as a series of dots, breaking down the original design into hundreds of individual, fragmented pieces.

The creation of these pieces meshes together different artistic disciplines, as the studio is re-using the resist-dyeing techniques that typically dye fabric patterns on the completely new medium of hard porcelain, using tools that are so foreign to both ceramic-work and fabric construction (ie the sandblaster). Via Design Boom:

Produced in collaboration with singaporean creative agency FARM, this contemporary take on the traditional objects transforms the original multicolored surface treatment into a new dotted pattern.

Nonya vessels are native to Peranakans in South East Asia and are elaborately decorated in a variety of colorful polychrome motifs with a predominantly pink ground. The designer takes these common vessels, which are industrially produced and largely available in singapore and adds an unusual surface treatment by overlaying the original multicolored pattern with a new dotted one.

What a beautiful way to combine traditional pieces with modern, unexpected textures and patterns. I’m really fond of the way the dots retain their glazed sheen, while the newly revealed porcelain below has the faintest matte “sea glass” texture. [Via Design Boom.]

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