Linus & The Feel Good Factory is a one-man operation based in Hong Kong, where paper props and masks are used to humorous effect in photography. I was particularly fond of his “Masque of the Animals” series, which features different interpretations of paper animals– sometimes they meekly feed from his hand, and at other times he embodies the animal itself by wearing it as headgear.

The best part of his work is that he never takes himself very seriously– everything is very clever and witty and fanciful, without losing any of his pristine paper craftsmanship. From his website:

Linus has determined to make people feel good (or bad) through his industrious attempts to photograph himself with props and paper cut-outs artworks, with or without quirky expressions.

Aiming for fame, glory, power, money, status and sexual conquests through meandering through fantasy and reality, Linus hopes that you will help him achieve his nefarious goals.

The shrimp cocktail hat just kills me every time I see it– any of these masks look like they could be a great Halloween costume. Better yet, the set just looks like a themed party in and of itself! Check out more of his work (especially his “Body Fluids En Papier” set, which is really funny) on his Flickr here.

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