These delightful and quirky proof bags made me smile– designed by Magpie Studio, each bag has a life-sized image screened onto its side, so that it looks like you are toting around random objects, to humorous effect. The client, Gavin Martin Associates and Colournet, wanted something that would stand out as advertising not only when they got to their destination, but also en route; I’m sure seeing a grown man “holding” a large trout would certainly make an impression on a few people.

The delivery tubes are also similarly decked out with images of baseball bats and baguettes– a very clever, very funny design solution on an unexpected medium. From Magpie Studio:

Having joined forces in 2010, Gavin Martin Associates and Colournet wanted to raise their new profile without breaking the joint bank account.

We suggested making use of an unused canvas – the humble proof bag. Used by printers to deliver wet proofs to their clients, the bags were screen printed with a life-sized collection of eccentric objects.

Tucked under the arm, the proof bags act as walking billboards en route, and a talking point when dropped-off. Low cost, high impact and the promise of raising a smile.

If I saw someone walk into my office carrying this, I’d probably be excited not just to see the proofs, but also to keep the proof bag with me. Design creating desire, a perfect marketing tool! [Via The Dieline.]

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