I’m smitten with these Bamboo Backs from Grove that attach to Macbook Pros– made of lightweight bamboo, each sheet of protection is lightweight and wonderfully textured, adding some warmth to that cold aluminum Mac body. Small symbols can be cut into the bamboo, leaving room for the glow of the Mac apple to shine through; you can order from their preset designs, or customize your own. Super thin, glows in the dark, hand-oiled, and made out of eco-friendly bamboo. What’s not to love?

The ampersand and quote marks are really the best designs there, in my humble opinion– I can’t wait to get my Macbook covered in one of these! From the Grove website:

MacBook Bamboo Backs are made of real bamboo and adhere to your MacBook via a special adhesive similar to double stick tape.

The adhesive is removable and will not damage or leave any residue on your MacBook. You may be able to reapply the Bamboo Back a few times if necessary.

Another fantastic product from Grove– I’m such a fan of their work because it combines sustainability and design in a way where you don’t feel like you have to sacrifice one option for another. Beautiful, designer-friendly and eco-friendly work!

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