With the unerring eye (and hand) of an artist, Kathy Klein makes these beautiful, intricate circles out of nature’s forms in unexpected combinations of color and texture. She calls these creations danmalas, based on the vedic sanskrit words dān (“the giver”) and mālā (“garland of flowers”), which translates to “the giving of flower circles”, although other objects such as pinecones and even vegetables are ceremoniously lined up into the familiar mandala shape.

The careful placement of each object is juxtaposed with the natural imperfection of leaves and flowers, so that there is simultaneously a sense of precision and organic growth; even the ground that the danmala lies on plays a part in adding texture to each piece. From Kathy Klein’s website:

She creates the danmalas by first centering herself in a meditative devotional space. Her inspiration is given from the golden sound residing within perfect silence. They are reflections of the inexpressible, a gesture which points towards life’s abundance, an unspoken verse of Love. The danmalas remind us all to listen to the unheard voice of nature, creation, and the eternal mystery.

I found this on My Modern Met, and they said exactly what I was thinking– that this is very reminiscent of Qi Wei’s Exploded Flowers photo series, except that rather than dissecting just one object, its a layering and play of multiple pieces of nature. [Via My Modern Met.]

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