As part of the London Design Festival, French designers Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec filled the Raphael Court of the V&A museum with fabric covered foam– 240 square meters of the gallery floor are covered with the Textile Field, to encourage visitors to lie down and look up at the Renaissance art.

The entire floor looks like a massive sensory experience, with lush greens and rich blues on a pliable, plush surface– lying down on this and looking up at the paintings must be a visual and tactile sensory overload. From the Bouroullec website:

An invitation to lascivious reverie. Our intention is to propose a different, casual approach to freely experience what can be a quite intimidating environment, such as a museum.

We conceived an expansive, coloured foam and textile piece with gentle inclinations to produce a sensual field on which to comfortably lounge while meditating on the surrounding Raphael Cartoons. Everyone can immerse into this temporary installation, for a minute, an hour or more, that is the idea. No efforts, no apprehension just contemplation.

Just the pictures make you want to lie down and roll around on the foam padding– I like how they transformed the museum experience without taking anything away from the paintings. The Textile Field literally makes you look at art from a different perspective; I wish I was there! [Via Dezeen.]

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