Garden designer Judy Kameon was commissioned by the New York Times Style Magazine to recreate their iconic “T” for the fall travel issue, so she used 130 plants to grace the cover of the magazine in a subtle palette of greenery. I am fascinated by the amount of colors and textures that are utilized here– everything from fuzzy teals to fleshy browns and purples are incorporated.

I’m glad to see that the process photos are included for us to see– its so interesting how she laid out the colors and plants from the get go. From T Magazine:

T explored its green thumb for our commissioned logo in the fall 2011 travel issue — or, more accurately, explored the garden designer Judy Kameon’s green thumb. Together with her husband, the photographer Erik Otsea, Kameon created a T from 130 plants. And in a postscript sure to warm the hearts of environmentalists, no flora were harmed in the making of this artwork. In fact, they’re all bound for a new demonstration garden in Kameon’s office and showroom.

Its also nice that she and her husband can work on projects like this together– this is a very atypical way to reimagine the New York Times’ iconic look, but I love how hearty and welcoming it looks, despite the gravel background. I think I just have a thing for succulents. [Via Design Love Fest.]

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