Artist Janet Echelman creates these airy, beautiful sculptures by weaving colored fibers into giant nets and suspending them high up in the sky– the pliable material is meant to move naturally with the wind. They are lit up by colored lights at night too, for an ethereal and otherworldly effect; I think they look best in the night photos because the support cables are hidden in the darkness, so the nets look as if they’re truly floating in midair.

Depending on the sculpture, Echelman takes inspiration from a variety of different forms in nature– my favorite is the 1.26 sculpture in the photo above, which is an artistic re-rendering of a tsunami amplitude in 3D form. From her website:

Janet Echelman’s 230-foot-long aerial sculpture “1.26” suspends from the roof of the 7-story Denver Art Museum above downtown street traffic to commemorate the inaugural Biennial of the Americas.

The City of Denver asked the artist to create a monumental yet temporary work exploring the theme of the interconnectedness of the 35 nations that make up the Western Hemisphere. She drew inspiration from the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s announcement that the February 2010 Chile earthquake shortened the length of the earth’s day by 1.26 microseconds by slightly redistributing the earth’s mass.

Exploring further, Echelman drew on a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) simulation of the earthquake’s ensuing tsunami, using the 3-dimensional form of the tsunami’s amplitude rippling across the Pacific as the basis for her sculptural form.

That’s only the description for the first sculpture on here, and the level of detail she incorporates into her work is astounding. See below for more of her work:

I honestly couldn’t get enough of her sculptures– they’re so nuanced and visually fascinating, and the scale that she works on is a marvel in and of itself. She even gave a TED talk that I haven’t gotten around to watching yet, but definitely go through her portfolio if you enjoy her work! [Via My Modern Met.]

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