Design studio Ladies and Gentlemen has a series of ceramic piggy banks that are not only customizable, but also delightfully minimal in design. Their Chalk It To Me piggy banks come in black or terracotta, and you can write all over their sleek little bodies with chalk, and uncork their noses to pull out your savings.

There’s something so pleasing about the shapes of these piggies– the matte texture of unglazed ceramic might have something to do with it, as it makes you want to run your hand over their little backs. Also, I love the leather-knot tail on the black pig! From the Ladies and Gentlemen website:

Constructed from silky-smooth pigmented ceramic that allows it’s body to be drawn on time and again. Draw your favorite pattern, label what you’re saving for, let your friends play graffiti artist, or simply leave him clean and minimal. This piggy is ready to be your friend and help you save. He’ll even lend you some of your own money in a pinch…what a pal?!

You can get either the terracotta pig or the black pig for $85 each. Guess you’ll have to spend before you save… [Via Design You Trust.]

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