This amazing cookbook was released by IKEA last year, but I rediscovered that they posted enough photos of the publication to warrant a mention here– these photos by Carl Kleiner are shot and styled beautifully, and believe it or not, the entire cookbook was handed out for FREE in Sweden!

Titled “Hembakat är Bäst” (Homemade is Best), the cookbook sets up two shots of each recipe, one of the separate ingredients in geometric forms, and the other of the final product. I’m posting some of my personal favorites below, but check out the entire collection there. From the IKEA website:

We wanted to ensure a connection between IKEA’s kitchen appliances and one of the best things you can do in a kitchen, some great baking. So the main attraction in the campaign became a 140 page coffee-table baking book presented in a very visually unique and spectacular way.

90% of all the photographs taken in baking books look extremely alike. We wanted to try something different and present the recipes in a totally new fashion.

We let ourselves be inspired by high fashion and japanese minimalism. The idea of the book became to tone down the actual cake and put the ingredients in focus. The recipes are presented as graphic still-life portraits on a warm and colourful stage. And when you turn the page you see the fantastic result.

The baking book contains 30 classic swedish baking recipes everything from small biscuits to large cakes.

Everyone has been clamoring for a copy, so I’m hoping that eventually IKEA will release this in the US– the impeccable photos are truly drool-worthy for design freaks, photographers, and cooks alike. [Via Notcot.]

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